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We share knowledge. We craft focused solutions. We formulate strategies. We empower our clients to take effective actions.


At MI&I Partners, our job is to promote manufacturing investment and industrialization in Africa. Knowledge is power. We enjoy sharing knowledge.  

Through experience and training, our experts have mastered vital skills, acquired a great experience and a vast knowledge of different strategies. We are committed to providing that expertise to as many private companies and governments as possible. We are passionate about sharing these strategies in a digestible way that will ultimately be beneficial to our national and international clients.

Laser Cutting
Success is not an accident. We help both public and private companies invest smartly, plan accordingly, develop, grow, and achieve their goals. We understand the challenges of economic development, and we also know what it takes to build a manufacturing base. At MI&I Partners, our experts are regarded as some of the most reliable and responsible professionals out there. The countries and international clients we advise are more likely to experience success and growth.

Action is what produces results. We want to lead Africans to build strong economies they never thought possible by empowering their governments and private enterprises to do more, take bolder actions, and deliver positive results for the economic development of the continent. 


Why is manufacturing important?


Manufacturing is the making of goods by machines. Economic growth depends on the manufactured goods that a country can trade for other foreign goods. To date, manufacturing has been the strongest driver of rapid economic growth. With a strong manufacturing base, a country is capable of eliminating poverty and reduce the likelihood of conflicts or wars.


Manufacturing adds a great deal of value to an economy. It has what is called “the multiplier effect”. Wages paid to employees in the manufacturing sector are re-spent in the wider economy. Manufacturing has a unique capability to create good middle-class jobs in a country. Also, machines can be used to make other machines which can cause an exponential growth in other sectors of the economy.


Industrialization is the introduction of manufacturing at a large scale. In this process, a country is transformed from primarily an agrarian society to one economy based on the manufacturing of goods.


We help countries re-organize their economies with the construction of industrial zones, the introduction of mechanized mass production aiming to create a strong manufacturing sector.


The key advantage of manufacturing is that it can create large numbers of paid workers while alleviating poverty and unemployment.


Throughout history, manufacturing has transformed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Germany into some of the world’s wealthiest nations. Most recently, manufacturing and industrialization have propelled China into one of the world’s fastest growing economies with a large middle class


The development of manufacturing and industrialization process in a country is characterized by a period of significant wealth creation and improving standards of living.

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