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We share knowledge. We craft focused solutions. We formulate strategies. We empower our clients to take effective actions. We help them to manage their projects.  


At MI&I Partners, our job is to promote manufacturing investment and industrialization. Knowledge is power. We enjoy sharing knowledge. 


Through experience and training, our experts have mastered vital skills, acquired great experience and a vast knowledge of different strategies. We are committed to providing that expertise to as many private companies and governments as possible. We are passionate about sharing these strategies in a digestible way that will ultimately be beneficial to our national and international clients.

Laser Cutting
Success is not an accident

We help both public and private companies invest smartly, plan accordingly, develop, grow, and achieve their goals.


We understand the challenges of project management and economic development, and we also know what it takes to build a manufacturing base.

At MI&I Partners, our experts are regarded as some of the most reliable and responsible professionals out there. The countries and international clients we advise and work with are more likely to experience success and growth.

Action is what produces results. 
We want to lead companies and governments to achieve success in their projects and build strong economies they never thought possible by empowering them to do more, take bolder actions, and deliver positive results for their customers, employees, and people.
Why is project management important?
There are two types of work in any organization: operations and projects. The ongoing, repetitive tasks that an organization performs with the primary goal of keeping things running are referred to as operations. Project work, on the other hand, is temporary in nature and has set beginning and ending dates. It also yields distinct results. They call for distinct skills and equipment sets. Organizations today are finding that project work accounts for an increasing amount of the work necessary to maintain their competitiveness in their markets.
To find the optimal answer, one needs specialized knowledge in numerous fields. For this reason, involving the appropriate subject matter specialists is always essential to the project's success.
To efficiently plan and carry out various projects, project managers possess an understanding of project management tools and processes such as the Waterfall or Agile methodology.
In many different businesses, but especially in software development, marketing, and construction, project management is crucial. The sum of all processes involved in planning, allocating, and managing resources for a project to accomplish predetermined goals and objectives within a given budget and time limit is known as project management.
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