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PMO Services

It's probably time to get in touch with MI&I Partners if your company is having trouble staying on top of project details, allocating and managing resources effectively, or maintaining the motivation and focus of project teams. MI&I Partners can become your PMO (Project Management Office).


Organizations are choosing MI&I Partners for several reasons:


  1. A project-based structure enables businesses to be more flexible and responsive to changing market conditions. With MI&I Partners, you can shift more of your work to a project-based framework.

  2. With MI&I Partners, your company can gain access to a broader talent pool, including remote workers, who may only be available part-time.

  3. Our PMO helps teams to organize and keep track of work, so projects can be executed successfully.

  4. Companies often find MI&I Partners more cost-effective, as they only pay for the work that is needed rather than providing benefits and salaries for full-time employees.

  5. At MI&I Partners, we are good at combining waterfall and agile strategies in a way that is beneficial to organizations. Since both approaches have been proven to be effective in the field of project management, the hybrid approach basically combines the best features of these two time-tested strategies.


Our PMO services include:


Directive PMO ($75/hr)

MI&I Partners take control of the projects. We manage projects by providing project management expertise and hands-on supervision. We set the standards for project management in the organization. We keep a high degree of control. All project managers report to the Directive PMO.


Controlling PMO ($50/hr)

MI&I Partners will create documentation, methodologies, templates, and frameworks for project managers to follow and ensure organizational standards for successful project management and execution. Our PMO will keep a moderate level of control.


Supportive PMO ($30/hr)

MI&I Partners acts as an organization's project repository. We have a low degree of control, and our role is mainly consultative. Our duties include sharing expertise, templates, training, and information to help project managers achieve their goals.

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